Lightsheets is a new class of spreadsheet software

In the 1950's, pioneers such as Douglas Engelbart and Alan Kay endeavoured to augment human intelligence and develop ways of building collective intelligence. Information technology - hardware and software - was the tool. Then in 1979, VisiCalc was released and the meteoric rise of spreadsheet software began.

In the 21st century, spreadsheets power scientific and engineering institutions, financial companies, government organizations and millions of SME throughout the world. Unfortunately, the state of the art hasn't advanced much, and as innovative software like Jupyter Notebooks have shown, this isn't because the limits have been reached: far from it.

It's time to push the boundaries again and give people the tools they need to solve today's challenges.

Spreadsheets for the A.I. era

Native matrix operations and a familiar toolbox of numeric functions commonly used by data scientists. Spreadsheets provide a reactive and data-centric view that gives faster feedback than Jupyter Notebooks, Matlab or source code first applications built in R or Python. Performance suitable for today's multi-million row, multi-gigabyte data sets.

Modern data interchange

CSV is complemented by powerful JSON import and export functionality. Provide mappings, and whenever your spreadsheet is updated, JSON exports will automatically be generated and served on our CDN. Role-based authorization by cells or worksheets protect your data and guard your workflows. A simple and effective solution to localization, configuration management or content management for your applications.

Powerful visualizations

Modern methods and institutions demand more than bar charts and scatter graphs. Build powerful visualizations and plots using custom D3 programs, or write live vertex and fragment shader code and render data from your worksheets inline with WebGL. With full access to a clock providing delta times and native quaternion operations, animations are a few matrix ops away.

Prototype, draft and map

From office plans to GIS, design interior spaces or offices with floor plans, or project your data into spatial grids and maps. The powerful drawing mode allows mocking up user interfaces or layouts using simple and effective tooling. Spreadsheets make great spaces for creative thinking!


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